We are now allowing our patients to directly order all your vitamins/supplements through our professional supplier. Setting up your account is easy, however, if you would like us to set up your account for you, we will gladly do so.

Why go through our professional supplier?

  1. Quality: There is a big difference between professional-grade and something you’re going to get at a big box store or on Amazon.  There is a bigger problem than people realize with (supplement) counterfeiting.  Our clearinghouse only allows professional laboratories to participate. The quality assurance designations mark the laboratories that obtain and/or exceed the highest quality rating. 
  2. ConvenienceYou no longer have to wait for our office to order your supplements. You can now conveniently order your supplements and have them mailed directly to your home. You will receive refill reminders and also have the option to be on Auto-Refill. 
  3. Products Available: From vitamins, herbal formulas and probiotics to protein powder, this clearinghouse has a vast array of nutritional supplements.
  4. Cost: By buying directly from the clearinghouse, the cost savings are passed directly to you. 

We recommend you use this supplement dispensary, which services licensed healthcare professionals and is approved by professional supplement companies, to be sure you receive authentic professional supplements recommended by Dr. Shields.

Setting up your account is easy…click on the visit my store button.  To view / purchase recommendation from Dr. Shields, click on “My Recommendation & Order History”.

To search / view all products, click on “Shop Dispensary”.